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Our Mission: To Empower You with the Skills Needed to Respond Effectively to any Emergency.

Hospital Incident Command System

HICS - Hospital Incident Command System Training

HICS is a methodology for using ICS in a hospital/healthcare environment. HICS is an incident management system based on the Incident Command System (ICS), that assists hospitals in improving their emergency management planning, response, and recovery capabilities for unplanned and planned events. HICS is consistent with ICS and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) principles. HICS will strengthen hospital disaster preparedness activities in conjunction with community response agencies and allow hospitals to understand and assist in implementing the 17 Elements of the hospital-based NIMS guidelines. HICS products include a Guidebook and planning and training tools.

disaster relief training

The HICS training for hospitals offers the following benefits:

  • Predictable chain of management
  • Accountability of position and team function, including prioritized action checklists
  • Flexible organizational chart allows flexible response to specific emergencies
  • Common language for promoting interagency communication
  • Update and incorporate current emergency management practices into the system
  • Clarify the components of this system and its relationship to the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • Enhance the system by integrating chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) events into the management structure
  • Develop a standardized and scalable incident management system to address planning and response needs of all hospitals, including rural and small facilities

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