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I-402 Incident Command System Summary for Executives, ICS-402 EMI Course Number:G402

G402 Incident Command System (ICS) Overview for Executives/Senior Officials is an ICS orientation for executives, administrators, and policy makers. It provides a basic understanding of ICS, Unified and Area command, and multi-agency coordination to those persons responsible for setting or implementing policy, but who normally are not a part of the on-scene ICS organization. The module also discusses responsibilities and information transfer between Agency Executives and Incident Commanders. An Executive Briefing is also included for use when time does not permit the use of the instructional module.

Audience: Elected officials, city/county managers, executives, senior officials and agency administrators

Course Goal: Orient Executives and Senior Officials to the Incident Command System (ICS).

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the basic organization of the ICS
  • Define terms used frequently within the ICS
  • Describe the three major responsibilities of an executive with respect to an Incident
  • Describe distinctions between ICS organization, emergency operations center (EOCs), and multi-agency coordination system (MACS)
  • Provide an introduction to the Agency Administrator's role and Delegations of Authority


Course Length:
Approximately 4 hours

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