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Our Mission: To Empower You with the Skills Needed to Respond Effectively to any Emergency.


G-230 Principles of Emergency Management

It is critical for toda'ys emergency management and public safety professionals to fully understand the complexities of comprehensive emergency management. The primary focus of this course will be to provide an overview of the basic emergency management concepts, policies, and approaches applied to the management of all emergencies and disasters.

This training course will examine the need to adopt a comprehensive emergency management program for an organization and community. This program will emphasize the advantage of developing a multi-agency and team approach that combines public and private sector resources to successfully manage all emergencies and disasters. Participants will review disaster case histories, discuss current emergency management issues and how to apply these principles to their particular area of responsibilities.

Topics and Issues to be Covered:

  • Need for Emergency Management
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Process
  • Federal, State, and Local Legislation and Policies
  • Disaster Management and Emergency Operations
  • Incident Command System
  • Team Approach to Emergency Management

Who Should Attend:

Candidates for this course who are responsible for emergency management or public safety programs are strongly encouraged to attend. This should include elected officials, police, fire, emergency medical services, public works officials or any public and private emergency management program managers.



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