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Our Mission: To Empower You with the Skills Needed to Respond Effectively to any Emergency.


Integrated Emergency Management Course (IEMC) - All Hazards: Preparedness and Response

Recent disasters illustrate the need to have disaster preparedness and response plans to provide continuity for a successful recovery. This addresses preparedness and response in emergency situations resulting from man-made and natural disasters. This exercise-based course is designed for both public and private industry. The IEMC places public officials and other key community leaders in a disaster simulation. The course consists of classroom instruction and planning sessions, and exercises allow for structured decision-making in a learning environment that will simulate realistic events.

The course is designed to help you identify and build response and recovery teams. The course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of each team member, and provides guidance on developing a local disaster recovery plan. Best practices in disaster preparedness and response are discussed. Key emergency management components covered are:

Topics and Issues to be Covered:

  • Defining Disasters and Emergencies
  • What is Emergency Management
  • Emergency Operations Center -101-
  • EOC/ICS interface
  • Emergency Support Functions (ESFs)
  • Risk and Damage Assessment
  • Resource Management
  • Short and Long Term Recovery
  • Incident and Disaster Management

The course objective is to identify additional planning needs providing the opportunity to enhance overall preparedness and response.

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