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Our Mission: To Empower You with the Skills Needed to Respond Effectively to any Emergency.


Command & Control for Initial and Multiple Company Operations

This course examines the “Command Sequence” and how is relates to risk management on the fire ground or incident. “VTS” Value, Time Size, is thought as a simple method to reduce responder risk. Strategies and Tactics are interfaced into the risk management decision making as well as resource management. Incident worksheets are also used by students to hone their skills along with tabletop exercises. Decisive and critical incident command management with a disciplined conservative approach towards tactical deployments. The infrequent occurrences and magnitude of these incidents requires insights and skill development for enhanced preparedness and application of recognition prime decision making (rpdm) based upon the size, complexity and suppression strength required to engage and mitigate these types of firefighting activities. Significant case studies, anticipated structural performance, fire loading and commodity hazards coupled with the unique requirements for air management, RIT resource allocation and implementation of special strategies and tactics are reviewed and disseminated in throughout this course.



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