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Type II Operations Section Chief (OSC)

This course is designed for FEMA staff who have the title of Operations Section Chief (trainee or above) or Branch Director in Automated Deployment Database (ADD). The course is intended to be a component of the OSC credentialing process and provide the classroom training portion to prepare and enhance the participant's knowledge and skills as a Type II OSC in a Type II disaster.

Course objectives:

  1. Define the responsibilities and tasks as outlined in the OSC Position Task Book (PTB).
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the legal framework/policies relevant to the OSC.
  3. Demonstrate the role of the OSC in the Incident Action Planning Process.
  4. Identify the OSC decisionmaking steps in responding to request for Federal assistance.
  5. Provide solutions to operations issues regarding FEMA disaster programs and dealing with the other JFO sections.
  6. Apply knowledge and skills obtained in the course to a simulated Type II disaster scenario.

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