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Our Mission: To Empower You with the Skills Needed to Respond Effectively to any Emergency.


Rope Rescue Operations Level

A 40-hour class that teaches personnel how to safely conduct basic rope rescue operations. This course focuses on the various knots, rescue hardware, auxiliary equipment, personal protection equipment, rope care and maintenance and standards governing basic rope rescue operations. Specific rope rescue operations conducted during the class include anchoring systems, safety belaying systems, Rescue 8 rappelling, Bar-rack rappelling, personal belayed rappels (SRT), self-extrication on a rappel system and patient packaging. Additional training in lowering systems rescue techniques, stairwell lowering systems, horizontal Stokes Basket operations (with and without an attendant), vertical Stokes Basket systems and scene management are also conducted.

Course Objectives:

Provide the student with the basic skills needed to safely and effectively deal with a rope rescue emergency by using the proper and approved rescue equipment.

Stress safety practices and encourage team work.

This is a five day course and adheres to the Florida State Fire Colleges safety standard of one instructor per six students.

Compliance with NFPA guidelines:

  • #1983 - Life Safety rope & System components
  • #1561 - Establishing Incident Command System
  • #1521 - Implementation of a Safety Officer
  • #1006 - Rescue Technician Professional Qualifications
  • #1670 - Operations & Training for Technical Search & Rescue Incidents

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